Post- and Undergraduate Study Program.

Our Asotiation together with Clinic of Balneology and Metabolic Diseases and Polish Balneological Consulting and Controll Programme is holding on education program for under and postgraduated students.


The Polish Association of Balneology along with the Clinic of Balneology and Metabolic Diseases and Polish Balneological Consulting and Controll Programme are offering educational program for both medical students and fellows in balneology.

Medical students from the University School of Medical Sciences in Bydgoszcz are obligated to take a short course on balneology at Ciechocinek spa. They have lectures on the theory of balneology and practical experiences and observations at the spa hospital, clinics and sanitoriums in Ciechocinek. This program is conducted by the Clinic of Balneology and Metabolic Diseases in Ciechocinek.

The second program is offered for physicians who are pursuing a fellowship on balneology. Specialization in balneology requires a two-years commitment after completing primary training in a field of clinical medicine such as internal medicine, dermatology, neurology, rehabilitation, etc. Fellows train at a spa center which have received accreditation from the Minister of Health. To prepare for exams, fellows in balneology are required to take two 3- weeks educational courses on balneology prepared by the Clinic of Balneology and Metabolic Diseases.

The first three-weeks reviews only the theories and include the following:

1. balneochemistry 
2. balneotechnics 
3. geology 
4. bioclimatology 
5. medical hydrology 
6. spa hygiene and microbiology 
7. physical medicine 
8. health education

The second three-weeks involves both theory and practical training. Topics discussed in connection to spa are as follows: diabetology and metabolic diseases, cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, laryngology, gynecology, getriatrics and angiology.

Fellows are required to spend 1 month at the Clinic of Balneology and Metabolic Diseases and 3 weeks training in Physical Medicine at the Military Hospital in Warsaw, Dept. of Physical Medicine, headed by Prof. dr Kulinski.

Once the requirements have been fulfilled, fellows are eligibled to take the theorectical and practical exams.